Other Work

Exposures Collective

From 1990 – 1995, ran a small collective of women photographers with Della Grace, Rosie Gunn and Robin Shaw, from Highgate, North London.

Introduced workshops for women photographers to explore issues around gender, sexuality and the nude in photography.

Chinese Work

From 1995, ongoing

Ad/dressing Death

Using the genre of studio portrait photography, this work explores the fear and fascination that we feel about death. For the mass media, the iconography of death is almost exclusively represented in the context of violence and war, decease and decay. How can I avoid such clichés in my photography? The Victorians dressed their dead in beautiful garments to be portrayed as if alive, for sentimental memorabilia. My ‘death portraits’ are of living people, posing as though in death, dressed, and holding their favourite personal object.

My last project involved an embellished, constructed, highly exotic Oriental portrait studio in which I photographed the diverse “21st century types” of contemporary society. My new project is in sharp contrast and presents a “studio” of stark, pared down size and shape: a simple black wooden coffin in which to frame my portraits of death. This work is additionally a process of enquiry into the genre of portrait photography and how we, as artists/photographers, construct our own versions and interpretations of the subjects we portray. There is no such thing as literal representation, I believe, each and every portrait has embedded a layer of mirror which reflects our own selves and souls.

Grace Lau, 2011


From 2010-2015, Co-Chair and founder of PhotoHastings with Andrew Moran, organising annual photography festival in SE region, initially partnered with Bright Photo Fringe. Acquired Arts Council funding to expand PH activities, producing journal in 2014.

More information on the PhotoHastings website.

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Grace Lau