Adults In Wonderland

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Since the early 1980s, Grace Lau’s photographic journey through the world of sexuality, gender identity and sado-masochistic sub-culture has earned her the reputation as a photographer of perverse tastes. These retrospective details that journey, from her earliest male nudes, to her life as a voyeur at ‘Skin Two’ functions and dominatrices’ dungeons, and culminating in her work on cross-dressing and post-modern perversity. Lau’s work has appeared on the covers of Time Out and Paris Match and in the National Portrait Gallery and Chelsea Arts Club.

“What most characterizes women’s work in our society is a degree of intimacy, at times intensity, and a significant lack of the detachment that makes pornography easy. To hear Grace Lau talk of her subjects is to hear curiosity, tenderness, familiarity, amusement. The fantasy world they inhabit – the balls and parties: the props and costumes; the dressing-up and toys; the false environments of castles and dungeons – are even more the stuff of hookah – or mushroom-induced hallucinations than white rabbits and talking caterpillars. Welcome to Adults in Wonderland.”

Excerpt from the books introduction, by Amanda Hopkinson, 1997


Adults in Wonderland – Grace Lau: A Retrospective

Published by Serpent’s Tail
Artist, Grace Lau
Text by Amanda Hopkinson
120 pages
102 Illustrations including 32 in full coloour
Design by Spark
ISBN: 1852425512, 9781852425517

Out of Print

Selected Exhibitions

  • Adults in Wonderland – Book Launch, Tom Blau Gallery, London – 1997 Solo
  • Submarine Gallery, London – 1987 Solo